Technical staff

CEO, Chief engineer, producer and Technical chief

Pablo Pulido’s long career on music makes him the main reference for Estudio Uno sound, thanks to his wide experience both on recording and mixing in many different music styles. He supervises and approves every work coming out of our studios. He is also the technical chief and our lead producer. Pablo stands out for production with D.I.Y. bands.

Sound tech and Assistant

Our third technician is a big bet. He arrived to the studios through Estudio Uno internship program with CPA Salduie (Zaragoza), where he studied audio engineering.
His attitude and enthusiasm to work in this area makes him a diamond in the rough we are willing to polish.

Music arranger and Producer

He has worked as bassist and music director for many artists and bands, touring and/or recording (Carmen París, Mikel Erentxun, Marta Sánchez, Albert Hammond, Coti, La Oreja de Van Gogh, Cómplices, Lolita, Laura Pausini, Pastora Soler). It is among “canción de autor” and folk styles where he has done most of his work (Marwan, Tontxu, Alejandro Martínez, Olga Román). Also, with his personal project, Mäbu, Txarlie has developed his songwriting, arranger and producer career. He works with new bands and artists as a producer now.

Recording studio

Estudio Uno was born in 2010, November, managing the old and legendary Cinearte studios (Madrid). From then, facing even location changes (Colmenar Viejo), they did not stop getting bands and artists from any music style. Specialised in many kind of projects (sountracks, drums, pianos, guitars, live recordings, mixing, mastering and production), Estudio Uno is ready to welcome any audiovisual project due to the great potencial of their facilities.


Pablo Kahayan
Equipment maintenance

Pablo Kahayan takes care of all our audio equipment. He is the owner of Kahayan Audio, proffesional audio company, dedicated to repairment, maintenance, restoration and customization of audio equipments.
Their audio equipments are well-known among Spanish engineers. A life insurance that guarantees the high quality of our tools.

Ángel Casado
Facilities maintenance

This industrial engineer from Galicia made the whole electrical project of Estudio Uno facilities. Specialized in electrical installation and automation, he is in charge of Estudio Uno maintenance, advising us in every technical needed of our infraestructures.


Luis Criado
CEO, Management & Booking

The chief of administration at the studio is our true “problem-solver”.
His professional career is quite diverse, so he is a man with plenty of tools to work with. In this career we can find a degree in History, over ten years of experience as a hardware dealer or a even a street vendor job. Before he developed Estudio Uno project, he was a professional flamenco percussionist, until he decided to work just in audio.

Laura Sánchez
Production & International affairs

She has a wide experience in music business. Laura has worked in music festivals, shows and tours, as well as in other areas like promotion with bands from many different music styles. She was also a specialized Media journalist for over fifteen years (Rocksound, Bad Magazine, Spinner/AOL …).